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COSMETIC PRODUCTS at the Öschberghof

Reviderm's award-winning and intelligently thought-trough range of apparative and preparative cosmetics is based on "Quality made in Germany". The combination of apparative treatments and effective care products is based on a strict biomimetics principle, which is modelled on the nature of your skin.

The St. Barth skin care range lets you feel the vastness of the ocean and is inspired by fragrant flowers, exotic fruits and Caribbean lightness. For more than three decades, St. Barth line has been combining traditional knowledge of herbal medicine with new research to create incomparable formulas that combine effectiveness and well-being.

We thus deliberately distance ourselves from animal testing and the use of preservatives and other ingredients that are foreign to the skin. As one of our most important organs, the skin can become an expression of our individuality if it receives care tailored to its needs. Every day, it must withstand the influences of the environment and therefore deserves intensive care and protection. Within the scope of our cosmetic and therapeutic treatments, the protective cover of your skin is maintained and strengthened and the body's own regeneration is stimulated, which is reflected in a fresh and radiant appearance.

Reviderm - Qualität made in Germany

True Care - dermocosmetics - compatible and rights - made in Germany

Our skin is just as individual and special as everyone. It is our natural protective shield. Works day and night. Healthy skin heals and regenerates itself and keeps giving us new cells for a daily life in beauty.

REVIDERM - deep peeling with microcrystals is a particularly gentle and at the same time effective process.

Ligne St. Barth - welcome to the relaxing world

LIGNE ST. BARTH focuses on people and their well-being   - with an incomparable spa concept, Caribbean lightness     and soothing beauty care.
Fragrant flowers are messengers from paradise. Precious properties of the exotic flora unfold their cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing effects, carefully tailored to the needs of the skin and modern life.



Since its foundation, La Biosthétique has been managed by its owners with the firm belief system that values ​​and beliefs of the company are just as important as the products: sustainable use of resources and responsibility to their customers, employees and partners. Long-term innovative thinking that is centred around people: This is beauty. This is La Biosthétique.

Our collection at the Öschberghof is divided into three pillars:

Hair care

Hair is a man’s greatest accessory, expression of personality, style and feeling. Beautiful, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and since the day La Laosthétique was founded, our scientists have been concerned with maintaining these. Those who utilize the best products achieve the greatest results.


The La Biosthétique styling products are presented in three optically different groups according to their order of use from wet to dry and then blow-dried hair: Base (graphite), Style (champagne) and Finish (lilac).

Color & make-up

Cosmetics and colors are subject to fashion, and every La Biosthétique collection once again shows the joy and passion towards fashion trends and developments. But one thing always remains unchanged: only the best quality products for skin and hair, health and true radiant beauty are utilized.


PINO impresses with top quality products for physiotherapy, massage and body treatments. Thanks to years of experience, they have become experts in health-oriented wellness treatments and preventive body treatments, which today are combined with physical activity. PINO attaches great importance to respectful treatment of both people and nature.

The development of natural cosmetics has been close to their hearts for more than 10 years.