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Employment at our Black Forest hotel Öschberghof

In addition to a committed employee / management relationship, you can expect an attractive and extensive benefits package: From an unlimited employment contract without a trial period, to additional services such as vacation and Christmas bonuses to attractive on site benefits, these are some of the many benefits of working with us. Start your career with one of the best hotels in the Black Forest!


In order to ensure our employer quality at all times, we aim to optimally promote your potential by means of our internal Öschberghof training academy and regular employee interviews to amplify your strengths accordingly. We also create permanent, fair working conditions by complying with the certification criteria bound to our employers' seals. The Öschberghof - an employer with a future, security and excellent development opportunities.


  • High chances of being hired throughout the course of training
  • Permanent employment contract without a trial period
  • Comprehensive training program
  • Part-time bachelor's degree with a focus on hotel management at the IST University in Düsseldorf
  • Goal-oriented workplace

Find out more about the Öschberghof as an employer here and find out about our vacancies.

Your benefits at a glance:


Sunday and holiday surcharge:

For specialists, permanent employees and temporary workers 50% of the hourly wage, tax-free according to § 3b EStG, free of contributions according to § 1 Paragraph 1 No. 1 SvEV.

Night Wage Supplements:

For specialists, permanent employees and temporary staff 15% of the hourly wage, tax-free according to § 3b EStG, contribution-free according to § 1 Paragraph 1 No. 1 SvEV.


For specialists and permanent employees with at least 30 hours a week and who perform more than 5 x part-time work per month, a flat-rate service charge of € 80 gross / month is granted.


Staff Meals:

Meals are free of charge for all employees.

The value of the catering must be taxed in accordance with legal requirements.

  • Monthly flat rate for full catering in the kitchen:
  • in 2020 = € 168 / month
  • Monthly flat rate for partial meals (> 4 hours / day): in 2020 € 102 / month
  • Monthly flat rate for partial meals (up to 4 hours / day):
  • in 2020 = € 66 / month

Mineral water, juices, coffee and tea:

  • Free of charge for all employees during working hours
  • This is included in the value of the food


The hours worked (start, end, duration and interruptions) are recorded in minute-by-minute time recording.

Vacation allowance

All employees receive an additional vacation allowance:

  • In the second year of employment € 10 per day of vacation
  • From 3rd year of employment € 11 per day of vacation
  • Part-time employees receive holiday pay in the ratio of the working hours agreed to you to the regular working hours of the hotel
  • Young workers under the age of 18 and trainees receive an additional holiday allowance of € 180 per calendar year
  • Payment is made in May or December (for apprentices / students who join after May 1st of a year)

Employees who have been with the company for 10 months without interruption on November 1st of a calendar year and who are in an unconditional employment relationship on this day will receive a special annual bonus in the form of a Christmas bonus. Payment is made in November.

  • Tariff of 630 €
  • Employees who have been with the company for more than two years on November 1st will receive a tariff of € 750

Part-time employees receive the annual special remuneration in an amount that corresponds to the ratio of the working hours agreed with them to the regular collective working hours.

Apprentices receive the following special annual remuneration:

  • In the 1st year of training 90 €
  • In the 2nd year of training 115 €
  • In the 3rd year of training 155 €


After 6 calendar months of service and company affiliation, the employer is entitled to a gross grant of € 13.29 per month.

  • Proportionate for part-time employees according to the classification.
  • The gross grant for trainees is € 6.65 per month.

If this employer subsidy is used, the entitlement basis for old-age provision is reduced (see old-age provision).


Der Anspruch auf arbeitgeberfinanzierte Altersvorsorge entsteht nach Ablauf von 12 Kalendermonaten der Betriebs- oder Unternehmenszugehörigkeit.

Der volle tarifliche Anspruch zur Altersvorsorge beträgt 1 x jährlich:

  • 300 € für Vollzeitbeschäftigte
  • 150 € für Auszubildende
  • Teilzeitbeschäftigte werden anteilig abgerechnet

Nimmt der Arbeitnehmer den Arbeitgeberanteil zu Vermögenwirksamen Leistungen in Anspruch, reduziert sich die Anspruchsbasis zur Altersvorsorge für Vollzeitbeschäftigte auf 1 x jährlich € 122,71 bzw. für Auszubildende 1 x jährlich € 61,36. Teilzeitbeschäftigte werden anteilig abgerechnet.


Freier Tag bei Umzug:
Bei Wohnungswechsel (Umzug) mit eigenem Hausstand erhält der Mitarbeiter einen freien Tag.

Freier Tag bei Heirat:
Bei eigener Eheschließung erhält der Mitarbeiter einen freien Tag.

Freier Tag bei Niederkunft der Ehefrau oder Lebensgefährtin:
Im Falle der Geburt eines eigenen Kindes erhält der Mitarbeiter einen freien Tag.

Freier Tag bei Todesfällen im engeren Familienkreis:
Bei einem Todesfall im direkten Familienkreis (Kinder, Stief- und Pflegekinder, Eltern, Stief-, Pflege- und Schwiegereltern, Geschwister und Großeltern) erhält der Mitarbeiter einen freien Tag.
Bei Todesfall von Ehepartner oder Lebensgefährten (Lebensgemeinschaft von ca. 5 Jahren) erhält der Mitarbeiter zwei freie Tage.

Studiengebühren/Internatskosten & Trainings/Coachings

Trainings & Coachings

  • Der Öschberghof legt auf die permanente Weiterentwicklung seiner Mitarbeiter großen Wert. So werden pro Jahr  durchschnittlich 1 - 2 Trainingsmaßnahmen für unterschiedliche Mitarbeiter/-ebenen/-gruppen durchgeführt.
  • Darüber hinaus werden intern regelmäßig individuelle Coachings pro Mitarbeiter nach erfolgter Einarbeitung angeboten/durchgeführt.
  • Die o. a. Trainings und Coachings werden durch den Öschberghof finanziert.
  • Studiengebühr in Verbindung mit der IST Hochschule, ADG Business School oder IUBH School of Business and Management „Hotel Management“ werden nach angemessener Betriebszugehörigkeit und nach Rücksprache mit der Geschäftsleitung vom Öschberghof übernommen.


  • Die Internatskosten während der Berufsschule (Blockunterricht) werden vom Öschberghof in voller Höhe (gesetzlicher Anspruch: nur 50 %) übernommen.
Work Clothing / Work Uniforms

Most of the work uniforms are provided by the company and remain the property of Öschberghof GmbH. There are no costs for the employee for work uniforms.


Each employee is responsible for organizing the cleaning of his / her work clothes, the costs are to be borne by yourself. Exception: The cleaning of the kitchen clothes is carried out by a separate company, the costs are borne by the employer (according to the regulation in the collective wage agreement).


Grants for final exams:

  • Final IHK examination with the grade “good”: € 100 gross
  • Final IHK examination with the grade “very good”: 250 € gross

Additional grants for awards:

  • Award as country's best: € 500 gross
  • Award as federal best: € 1,000 gross

Taxation is borne by the trainees themselves.


In many partner hotels, our employees receive special staff rates for bed and breakfasts. If you are interested, please contact the guest relation.

There is also the option of booking discounted holiday trips via the portal.


We offer our employees a comprehensive occupational health management, which includes many courses, the use of the swimming pool and the fitness area (the latter after consultation with the SPA manager).

  • at the city mill in Donaueschingen
  • in the Hegistrasse in Aasen
  • in the main street in Hüfingen
  • in the Pfohrenerstrasse in Donaueschingen
  • or via an advertisement in the Donaueschingen newsletter,



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